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How Nike uses marking to promote their company

Nike uses a range marking technique to promote their products to existing and new customers. They use outbound and inbound marking to ensure all consumers are reached in a comfortable way. Nike has been slowly growing their value over the years. In 2022 Nike was values at 46,710 million U.S dollars making a revenue profit of 12.9% in the last year (Statista 2022). They sell a range of apparel, footwear and sporting equipment that can be easily recognised by used their iconic swoosh logo.

Nike has continued to lead the market in the global sports industry despite their competition with Adidas and Puma. They do this by utilising their large following and promotion tactics.  They utilise their loved athletes to help promote their apparel and footwear through social media, videos, photographs and most importantly wearing Nike footwear when participating in their chosen sport. For example, Michael Jordan and Nike collaboration, creating footwear called ‘Jordan’s’. Nike endorse their product through television commercials, in 2020 they released a commercial called ‘You Can’t Stop Sport’ (Youtube 2020). This advertisement used a range of sports prompting unity, persistence, diversity and dedication in playing sport, demonstrating that sport is not only something people do but something people live for and come together to make us all unite. This commercial not only promotes their brand but also creates emotion in consumers, creating a trust and belief.

Nike advertise their products using social media. In October 2010 Nike joined Instagram and now have a following of 275 million. They use their social media page to post photos of new products, post promotional videos and now are able to tag the price of products to entice consumers to click and view with ease. They also created a twitter account in November 2011 again to promote their brand with videos and posts but also retweeting athletes posts to engage a wider audience.

In conclusion, I believe Nike are successful in using promotion to achieve marketing success, they use both inbound and outbound marketing strategies to communicate with a wide range of consumers and potential customers while also maintaining a trusting relationship with excising customers.

Nike Journal

This is a place for the community to find news and articles about Nike and different ambassadors’ stories. This a great way for people all around the world to connect and understand more of the Nike brand.

LeBron 17

The LeBron 17 combines first-of-its-kind Max Air in the heel with two Zoom Air pods in the forefoot for comfort and responsiveness. The LeBron 17 also features an innovative, incredibly lightweight knitposite upper for ultimate movement and flexibility.

Apple Watch Nike

A watch with a fitness band for an apple watch and programmed with the Nike run club app, allowing people to track their fitness goals and ambitions. This program is compatible with the Apple watch SE and Apple watch Series 8.

New Jordan Brand x Eastside Golf Collection

Jordan Brand and Eastside Golf have partnered to create a capsule collection to bring together the cultures of basketball and golf. The collection is designed to inspire young Black professionals to see themselves in the game of golf, helping expand the sport for the next generation.

Store in Atlanta, Georgia

Nike stores have a dark interior to give it a comfy, luxury brand. They have a wall that displays their range of shoes in a neat way, clearly labelled and sectioned. There tend to have manikins in athletic poses displaying their products

Members Self-Checkout

Nike stores in the US are trialling a members self-service checkout in their store to allow customers to checkout quicker and giving them an insentive to become a member.

Nike Online Experience

The Nike website is one that is easily navigated, not only uses tabs labelled ‘men, women and kids’ but also being able to shop by sports, making it easier to find what exactly you are looking for.